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AIX - Console installation of IBM WebSphere Application Server using IBM Installation Manager

Here I describe step-by-step installation process of IBM WebSphere Apllication Server V8.5 using Installation Manager of the same company.
You could read about Installation Manager here.

Filesystem preparation

1. Create empty directory for mounting filesystem and set permissions:
# cd /opt/IBM/
# mkdir WebSphere
# chown wasuser:was WebSphere
2. Make logical volume of type jfs2 with name waslv in rootvg volumegroup of 3Gb on hdisk0:
# mklv -t jfs2 -y waslv rootvg 3G hdisk0
3. Create fylesystem of type jfs2 in waslv logical volume, mount on /opt/IBM/WebSphere, set size of 3Gb, set automount
# crfs -v jfs2 -d waslv -m /opt/IBM/WebSphere -a size=3G -a log=INLINE -A yes

WebSphere Application Server installation:

1. Generate responce file install.xml for WAS installation using Installation Manager
2. Place generated file into /home/wasuser/was_install.xml
3. Go to InstallationManager imcl utility:
# cd /home/wasuser/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools

4. Here you could run installation process by two ways:
    A. using responce file:
  bash-4.2$ ./imcl -acceptLicense input /home/wasuser/install.xml
  Installed com.ibm.websphere.BASE.v85_8.5.1.20121017_1724 to the /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer directory.
  Installed com.ibm.websphere.IBMJAVA.v70_7.0.2000.20121005_1500 to the /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer directory.
* install.xml file you could create in the likeness of example
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<agent-input clean='true' temporary='true'>
            <variable name='sharedLocation' value='/home/wasuser/IBM/IBMIMShared'/>
        <repository location='/opt/IBM/repos/WASRepository/'/>
    <profile id='IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5' installLocation='/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer'>
        <data key='eclipseLocation' value='/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer'/>
        <data key='user.import.profile' value='false'/>
        <data key='cic.selector.os' value='aix'/>
        <data key='cic.selector.arch' value='ppc'/>
        <data key='cic.selector.ws' value='motif'/>
        <data key='cic.selector.nl' value='en'/>
    <install modify='false'>
        <offering id='com.ibm.websphere.BASE.v85' profile='IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5' features='core.feature,ejbdeploy,thinclient,embeddablecontainer,com.ibm.sdk.6_64bit' installFixes='all'/>
        <offering id='com.ibm.websphere.IBMJAVA.v70' profile='IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5' features='com.ibm.sdk.7' installFixes='all'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.core.preferences.eclipseCache' value='/home/wasuser/IBM/IBMIMShared'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.core.preferences.connectTimeout' value='30'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.core.preferences.readTimeout' value='45'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.core.preferences.downloadAutoRetryCount' value='0'/>
    <preference name='offering.service.repositories.areUsed' value='true'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.core.preferences.ssl.nonsecureMode' value='false'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.core.preferences.http.disablePreemptiveAuthentication' value='false'/>
    <preference name='http.ntlm.auth.kind' value='NTLM'/>
    <preference name='http.ntlm.auth.enableIntegrated.win32' value='true'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.core.preferences.preserveDownloadedArtifacts' value='false'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.core.preferences.keepFetchedFiles' value='false'/>
    <preference name='PassportAdvantageIsEnabled' value='false'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.core.preferences.searchForUpdates' value='false'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.agent.ui.displayInternalVersion' value='false'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.sharedUI.showErrorLog' value='true'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.sharedUI.showWarningLog' value='true'/>
    <preference name='com.ibm.cic.common.sharedUI.showNoteLog' value='true'/>

    B. using installation manager menu
| ./imcl -c  
| =====> IBM Installation Manager
| Select:
|      1. Install - Install software packages
|      2. Update - Find and install updates and fixes to installed software packages
|      3. Modify - Change installed software packages
|      4. Roll Back - Revert to an earlier version of installed software packages
|      5. Uninstall - Remove installed software packages
| Other Options:
|      L. View Logs
|      S. View Installation History
|      V. View Installed Packages
|         ------------------------
|      P. Preferences
|         ------------------------
|      A. About IBM Installation Manager
|         ------------------------
|      X. Exit Installation Manager
| -----> 

Enter P for entering Preferences menu:
| =====> IBM Installation Manager> Preferences
| Select:
|      1. Repositories
|      2. Appearance
|      3. Files for Rollback
|      4. SSL/TLS
|      5. HTTP/FTP Proxy
|      6. Passport Advantage
|      7. Secure Storage
|      8. Updates
|      R. Return to Main Menu
| -----> [1] 

Enter 1 for editing Repositories and Add repository by specifying full path to a root folder of repository (this usually contains repository.conf file)
| =====> IBM Installation Manager> Preferences> Repositories
| Repositories:
|      1. [X] /TivoliProducts/WAS8.5/Extended
| Other Options:
|      D. Add Repository
|      S. [X] Search service repositories during installation and updates
|      R. Restore Defaults
|      A. Apply Changes and Return to Preferences Menu
|      P. Temporarily Keep Changes and Return to Preferences Menu
| ----->