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AIX - Console installation of IBM Installation Manager


GTK2 installation 

Make sure gtk2 is installed on your system, if not you should install it and all its dependencies:
!!! Note that if you download and install RPMs individually, you should be avare that the following libraries are incompatible: 
glib2-2.14.6-2 and gtk2-2.10.6-5

Alternatively you can download all these files as a bundle:
1. Download the gtk2_bundle_v2.tar package (version 'v2') containing all the RPMs and the install script to a new directory from here ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/aix/freeSoftware/aixtoolbox/ezinstall/ppc/ 
    #wget ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/aix/freeSoftware/aixtoolbox/ezinstall/ppc/gtk2_bundle_v2.tar

2. Decompress the tar file. 
    #tar -xvf gtk2_bundle_.tar to decompress the file.

3. Open the decompressed directory gtk2_bundle_ and run the install.sh script. The script will check if the required RPMs are installed at the compatible level. If they are not, the script will prompt to install the compatible versions.

4. Verify the environment variable LIBPATH contains a path to the installed libraries. For example LIBPATH=/opt/freeware/lib/

Create user and usergroup for WAS

As you know for security reasons work process on the Unix systems should be done from the name of non-root users, so:
#mkuser wasuser
#mkgroup was
#chgroup users="wasuser" was

IBM Installation Manager Installation

Unpack Installation Manager agent into directory and set permissions:
chown user:group /directory
chmod 755 /directory
chmod 777 /directory/configuration

Go into /directory and run
su - wasuser
$./userinstc -c

You will see:
Preprocessing the input.
Loading repositories...
Preparing and resolving the selected packages...

=====> IBM Installation Manager> Install

Select packages to install:
     1. [X] IBM Installation Manager

     O. Check for Other Versions, Fixes, and Extensions

     N. Next,      C. Cancel
-----> [N] 

Licenses step:
=====> IBM Installation Manager> Install> Licenses

Read the following license agreements carefully.
View a license agreement by entering the number:
     1. IBM Installation Manager - License Agreement

     A. [X] I accept the terms in the license agreement
     D. [ ] I do not accept the terms in the license agreement

     B. Back,      N. Next,      C. Cancel

Location step:
=====> IBM Installation Manager> Install> Licenses> Location

Installation Manager installation location:

     L. Change Installation Manager Installation Location  

     B. Back,      N. Next,      C. Cancel
-----> [N] 

Summary step:
=====> IBM Installation Manager> Install> Licenses> Location> Summary

Target Location:
  Package Group Name         :  IBM Installation Manager
  Installation Directory     :  /home/wasuser/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse

Packages to be installed:
        IBM Installation Manager

     G. Generate an Installation Response File

     B. Back,      I. Install,      C. Cancel

                 25%                50%                75%                100%

Completion step:
=====> IBM Installation Manager> Install> Licenses> Location> Summary> 

The install completed successfully.

     R. Restart Installation Manager
-----> [R] 

IBM Installation Manager:
=====> IBM Installation Manager

     1. Install - Install software packages
     2. Update - Find and install updates and fixes to installed software packages
     3. Modify - Change installed software packages
     4. Roll Back - Revert to an earlier version of installed software packages
     5. Uninstall - Remove installed software packages

Other Options:
     L. View Logs
     S. View Installation History
     V. View Installed Packages
     P. Preferences
     A. About IBM Installation Manager
     X. Exit Installation Manager


The Summary

Do not forget to check if you have enough free space for installation. While installing Installation Manager I run into following issue:
=====> IBM Installation Manager> Error

ERROR: The following errors were generated while installing.

CRIMA1179E: Available disk space at /home is insufficient. Total required space is 342.51 MB. Total available space is 253.33 MB.

     O. OK,      D. Hide Details
-----> [O] 
Thanks to the great ability provided by IBM AIX system I just left failed installation and increase the size of the /home directory:
#chfs -a size=+1G /home
And after that repeated aforementioned installation steps.