вторник, 17 января 2017 г.

Public HLAG Prototype Release (v0.2)

HLAG is my attempt to remake a great forgotten game and try to give it another birth.
In additional I working on entire game infrastructure, because nowadays game itself means almost nothing, this is proved by many great games that have been undeservedly forgotten by most of gamers.

Here is YouTube playlist related to this project: HLAG

So here is the link to game launcher:


  1. Download
  2. Unpack into some folder
  3. Execute run.bat

Currently done:

- prototype game client
- test game server
- repository server
- prototype service (serving user related data, updates server, servers list, but functionality for creation of tournaments/championships is implemented and have not consumed by the launcher yet)
- game launcher (connect/host game, edit config, join messaging server, consume players/teams data, servers list, news, user registration)

Public Issue Tracker on Bitbucket

If you have found an issue, please report it here: https://bitbucket.org/Rvach-Flyver/hlag-full/issues