пятница, 22 января 2016 г.

Save your eyes on Ubuntu with Cinnamon

Ubuntu with Cinnamon:

set Global Dark Theme mode
  1. Run Tweak Tool
  2. Go to Appearance
  3. Set Global Dark Theme to ON
  4. Set Window to Crux
  5. Set GTK+ to 05-Crunchy-green
  6. Set Icons to Humanity-Dark
Install following themes:
  • 05-Crunchy-green
  • Dark_Void
  • delorean-dark

and configure them:
  • Windows borders: 05-Crunchy-green
  • Icons: Default
  • Controls: delorean-dark
  • Desktop: delorean-dark

download extension Stylish here:

Import Colors From File (Google Drive :/ Work / Krusader Colors )


  1. Install Theme Colors
  2. Go to Window - Preferences - General - Appearance:
  3. Set theme: High Contrast; 
  4. Set Color and font theme: Classic Theme.
  5. Go to Color Theme install Dark Visual Studio and choose it.