четверг, 20 августа 2015 г.

HP-UX - Software Installation - Installing depot packages

Here is general overview of depot packages installation process step-by-step.

1: Go to hpux.connect.org.uk and search for a packages you need.  You can find out the version and architecture of your HP-UX by folowing commands:
OS Version:
# uname -r
# uname -m                                                                        

2: Pay attention on run-time dependencies. Before downloading them look at the 3rd step.

3: Check if required packages are not already installed:
swlist | grep pachagename

4: Download all required packages, upload it to the server and unpack using guzip:
gunzip packagename.depot.gz

5: Run installation process by executing following command:
swinstall -s /fullPathToPackage/pachageName.depot

6: Mark package by pressing space on it, then press TAB and move to Actions menu, and then press Shift+I or select manually Install...

7: Install Analysis will check requirements and when status will be "Ready" press Shift+O to start the installation process.

8: Install Window appear, wait until the Status field becomes Completed, then press Shift+D to close window.

9: Press TAB, then Shift+F or select manually File, and finally select Exit or simply press Shift+E to exit installation manager.

10: Check if package was successfully installed:
swlist | grep pachagename