вторник, 9 сентября 2014 г.

Preparing to MS Exam 70-483 - Looking for weak spots in the knowledge of C# 5.0

If you forgot what is MS Exam 70-483, you can find out it here :)

One of the hardest things in preparation to any exam is finding out areas where our knowledge is not very good, distinguish them and not to get caught in an endless loop of studying and mastering one particular area to keep some time for the other questions which should be examined as well.

Microsoft provides us with some info concerning possible areas covered by MS Exam 70-483 and I'll try to choose the most specific ones to concentrate on them in my preparation work. So, here there are the most specific ones, in my humble opinion:

  • Manage Program Flow:

    • Exceptions in a multithreaded programs
    • Implement exception handling
This subject is not difficult at all but people with no or little working experience, like me, may face unknown kinds of exceptions, because they do not work much in some particular areas, such as, for instance, SQL or Net. I will try to find the most common types of exceptions from every area the C# language can be used.

  • Debug applications and implement sequrity

  • Implement data access

    • Consume Data
      • retrieve data from a database
      • update data in a database
      • consume JSON and XML data
      • retrieve data by using web services 
    • Query and manipulate data and objects by using LINQ 
      • Query data by using operators (projection, join, group, take, skip, aggregate); 
      • create method-based LINQ queries; 
      • query data by using query comprehension syntax; 
      • select data by using anonymous types; 
      • force execution of a query; 
      • read, filter, create, modify data structures by using LINQ to XML 
      • LINQ to SQL
    • Serialize and deserialize data by using 
      • binary serialization, 
      • custom serialization, 
      • XML Serializer, 
      • JSON Serializer, 
      • Data Contract Serializer